Nora Valkyrie WIP

Magnhild was a large undertaking. Given that it was a Genderbend costume, I saw the chance to make adjustments for both ease and to customize it. I started off with the idea that it would be smaller, about half scale.

Talking with other cosplayers who have built Magnhild, I referenced their posts (here and here) for mine to guide me but let myself still make it my own!

With the smaller scale, I figured Pringles cans would be the best options for the inner canisters.

For the handle, I used EVA foam edges from floor mats with two layers of chip board on all four sides to add stability to it. Once that was done, I put thin layers of EVA around for a more consistent finish.

The next big step was the intricate designs on the hammer. I carefully carved patterns and designs into the foam and hit it with the heat gun to seal those holes and make it much easier for them to pop.

After that came painting in silver, then finishing up with black detailing to highlight the etchings.